Publilius Syrus Quotes

To do two things at once is to do neither.
He who lives in solitude may make his own laws.
Practice is the best of all instructors.
The happy man is not he who seems thus to others, but who seems thus to himself.
The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself.
If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest.
No one knows what he can do till he tries.
Do not despise the bottom rungs in the ascent to greatness.
Love's wounds can be healed only by the one who inflicts them.
Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.
Debt is the slavery of the free.
Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.
Fortune is like glass--the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken.
You should hammer your iron when it is glowing hot.
Beware the fury of a patient man.
It is folly to punish your neighbor by fire when you live next door.
Admonish thy friends in secret, praise them openly.
A suspicious mind always looks on the black side of things.
How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.
Depend not on fortune, but on conduct.
Count not him among your friends who will retail your privacies to the world.
In a heated argument we are apt to lose sight of the truth.
An angry man is again angry with himself when he returns to reason.
Any plan is bad which is incapable of modification.
If you refuse where you have always granted you invite to theft.
You should not live one way in private, another in public.
Ready tears are a sign of treachery, not of grief.
Learn to see in another's calamity the ills which you should avoid.
Never promise more than you can perform.
Look to be treated by others as you have treated others.
Tis foolish to fear what you cannot avoid.
We must give lengthy deliberation to what has to be decided once and for all.
To-day is the pupil of yesterday.
It is no profit to have learned well, if you neglect to do well.
It is more tolerable to be refused than deceived.
Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.
For a good cause, wrongdoing is virtuous.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Better be ignorant of a matter than half know it.
Every day should be passed as if it were to be our last.
He doubly benefits the needy who gives quickly.
Do not turn back when you are just at the goal.
A good reputation is more valuable than money.
A fair exterior is a silent recommendation.
Many receive advice, few profit by it.
It is not every question that deserves an answer.
It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.
Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.
It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity.
It is better to learn late than never.
It is a consolation to the wretched to have companions in misery.
I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.
It is only the ignorant who despise education.
It is a very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody.
Speech is a mirror of the soul as a man speaks, so is he.
No man is happy who does not think himself so.
Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.
No one should be judge in his own case.
Never find your delight in another's misfortune.
Nothing can be done at once hastily and prudently.
Money alone sets all the world in motion.
Pardon one offense, and you encourage the commission of many.
You should go to a pear tree for pears, not to an elm.
What is left when honor is lost
Treat your friend as if he might become an enemy.
The loss which is unknown is no loss at all.
We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have.
The judge is condemned when the criminal is absolved.
A gift in season is a double favor to the needy.
There are some remedies worse than the disease.
While we stop to think, we often miss our opportunity.
The end always passes judgement on what has gone before.
We simply rob ourselves when we make presents to the dead.
As men, we are all equal in the presence of death.
Hares can gamble over the body of a dead lion.
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